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The sports pants is a staple wardrobe item perfect for sportsmen, from a variety of sports environments. Our sports bottom is a sportswear essential that will outlast comfort and durability. Cut from cotton/ polyester with a soft finish, the sports bottom here is a high performance apparel that’s packed with technology, which will keep you comfortable.


Question: How to measure for a Cycling/Sport Pants Size


1. There are 4 keys measurement needed for the Cycling/Sport Pants which are the elastic waistband (tiling), elastic waistband (strecth), hip width, and the pants length.

First, measure the elastic waistband (tiling)

Pave the cycling pants on the table

Straighten the tape and measure from the beginning of the elastic waistband.

Only then can get the elastic waistband - 21”

2. Elastic Waistband (Stretch) Measuring

Stretches the elastic waistband

Then, straighten the tape to the side of the pants

Get the size of the elastic waistband (stretch) is 28”


3. Hip Waist Measuring

Straighten the tape first, and start measure from 2 inches below the elastic waistband

Get the hip waist size 14”


4. Pants Length Measuring

Measure from the beginning of the elastic waistband to the bottom of the trousers leg.

Then get the length of the pants is 15 1/2”

Finished measuring Cycling/Sport Pants